Monday, January 31, 2011

What happened to January?

I have decided that my new year starts in February because January has completely passed me by and I am not any closer to the goals I set than I was last January.

The biggest goal, or goal that always seems to allude me is the goal of getting in shape. I have been working out with a friend 2 times a week since this past June and I have gained 5 pounds. I would love to say it is muscle but the desserts I seem to find myself eating tell me it's not. Apparently sugar and butter do NOT build muscle. And if exercise wasn't so darn hard I would love to do it. Why can't sleeping burn as many calories as hiking or kickboxing? I have asked my husband in the past to help me get up in the morning so I can exercise, but that is just not good for our marriage. I always have to apologize for the mean things I said to him that morning when he was just doing what I asked him to do. And no, I still didn't get up to exercise.

So I thought maybe if I blog about this I might actually meet my goal. I will keep you updated on the progress. There will be progress!

Oh, and if any of my Bible study ladies are reading this, please ignore the dessert I will be eating tomorrow night. I will make sure it's a small piece!
Happy New Year everyone!

Never a dull moment

Here are some pictures I took of the kids playing at the park this summer. Life is always interesting with these two.

"Oh, how I love to swing!"

"Feel the wind in my hair!"

"Oh, wait a second..."

"What is my brother doing over there, is he......?"

(looks like I need to have that talk with him again)

"I am so embarrassed, I can never come back to this park again!"
Have a great Monday!

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Today is grocery shopping day and that means a trip to the Walmart. I have mixed feelings about this store because not so long ago I completely embarrassed myself there. You see I was grocery shopping there one day and had to go to the bathroom; I was very pregnant with my daughter so waiting was not an option. So I set my basket aside and went into the bathroom. While I was washing my hands someone comes out of the stall next to me and it was a.....MAN! He hadn't quite noticed me yet and I was thinking in my head, "Oh, this guy is going to be so embarrassed when he sees he is in the girls bathroom." So he looks up at me and I have this little smile on my face and am thinking in my head "this poor guy" and he has this look of confusion on his face and I say "I think you are in the wrong bathroom." And he has the nerve to say "No, this is the mens." And I argue back and say, "No, it's the women's." And then he opens the door and shows me the writing on the outside says MENS. Well I was thoroughly put in my place and laughed at. The guy apologized to me and I just said that no, I was sorry, and indeed I was. I was also completely grossed out that I was in the mens bathroom and that there was a strange man going to the bathroom in the stall right next to me. I could have swore when I chose that door that is said WOMEN on it. And there weren't any urinals to tip me off when I first walked in.

I wish I could of just paid for my stuff and left right away but no, I still had a lot of groceris still to get. Oh, and while I was shopping I hear over the intercom that there is a problem in the back of the store by the bathrooms which just happens to be the bathroom that I just came out of. I thought great, they probably saw me go into the mens bathroom and now Walmart security is going to come after me. But, I am happy to report that there were no further incidents.

I just thought I would forever put my embarrassing story out there in cyber space for everyone to enjoy.
Have a great Saturday!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Spiders and Uncomfortable Situations

My son has recently acquired a fascination with Spiderman which seems innocent enough until he starts webbing everyone in church with his MIDDLE finger. And no, he wasn’t in the back row, he was at the very front of the church right by the Pastors.

This love of Spiderman has developed into a love of spiders themselves. He has a Spiderman book that has taught him the names of different types of spiders. He can now identify Phidipus jumping spiders, net casting spiders, St. Andrew Cross spiders, and several others. He loves to watch movies of spiders. But, he doesn’t want to watch cartoon spiders, he wants to watch National Geographic spider movies, which really creep me out. I get the heebie jeebies every time I watch those movies, but he loves them. So today we are watching a documentary on spiders and the Tarantulas start mating. Call me immature but I am uncomfortable with the mating habits of spiders….well of any bug or animal for that matter. I think there should be a warning on those movies: “Attention parents: If you are watching this with your four year old be aware that there are mating spiders in this movie and it will prompt questions from your child that you are not ready to answer.” I am not ever going to let him watch Animal Planet.

So of course he asks me what those spiders are doing, and after I regained consciousness from passing out due to panic at answering that uncomfortable question, the scene was over and a tarantula was now getting eaten by a wasp. That caught his attention and the crisis was averted.

I will now be screening all animal and insect documentaries beforehand.

Oh, and we have since showed him the correct and less offensive way of webbing.
Have a great day and beware the dangers of Spiderman

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Here it goes

I actually started this blog in March of 2010 and this is my first post. Well, it's the first post that I haven't deleted right away. You see, I have this phobia of sending things into cyber space. You should have seen me when I started a facebook account; I was a mess. But I have decided to put my fears behind me and blog all about my life as a stay at home mom. Now if only I can conquer my fear of steps, baby steps.
Let me introduce you to the loves of my life......

My firstborn: He loves tornadoes, trains, spiders, and popcorn. He has been known to tell his mom from time to time that she has lost her freedom to talk...nice try kid.

And this is my baby: She loves shoes, Dora, chewing on anything metal (including door hinges, it's weird, I know) and graham crackers

And the man that works so hard so I can stay home with kiddos:

Whoops! Hello, how did you get on here!

No, this is him
He really does work hard! He's so cute!
Well that is it for now, go eat some chocolate.