Thursday, August 22, 2013

I'm gonna need a nap

Well friends, it's 3:05 in the morning here and I have a big day ahead of me so the sane thing to do would be sleeping but since that is just not happening I decided to blog instead. Turns out January is the last time I blogged, for those of you who have given up all hope of me ever blogging again, your day has been made...or I just like to let myself think that.

So what is my reason for being up so late? My darling of a husband....I love that man but he has some strange and annoying sleeping habits that keep his light sleeping wife awake until all hours of the night. Okay, and maybe it was the pepsi I had earlier today, but that was at 5:00pm and I shouldn't be feeling the effects of that caffeine now should I? So what are the strange things my husband does in his sleep? Well for starters he snores, not so strange, I know, but it is sure annoying. I have realized though, that all I have to do to stop the snoring is push on his shoulder and he will roll over and the snoring stops. Some nights I shove a little harder than others depending on how many times I have had to get him to stop snoring. Some mornings he mentions that his arm is sore and I just give him the concerned wife look and act sympathetic. "Gee honey, I have no idea why your shoulder would be sore."

My husband is also a teeth grinder. I was first introduced to the grinding of teeth by a friend I had in high school. We had a sleep over and I was awakened by this God awful noise. When I realized the noise was coming from my friend I tried to make it stop, but you just can't! It was terrible and I really had to convince myself that she was a nice girl and I should still be her friend despite the sleep she made me lose. You see, sleep is one of my most favorite things to do. I look forward to it very much and would choose taking a nap over pretty much anything else in the world. When things make me lose my sleep nice Amy quickly disappears and you don't even want to see what the other Amy is like.

I found out my husband was a teeth grinder on our honeymoon. I was sleeping a beautiful sleep and then this horrible sound shattered my precious slumber. My first thought was, squeaky shoes? I wasn't fully awake yet, but when I finally did wake up I realized the sound was coming from my new and wonderful husband. And then I realized I married a teeth grinder. He didn't seem so wonderful after that. I really love my husband, but like I said my love for sleep is a close second, if not tied in first. How do you make the grinding stop? Ten years and I still don't know what to do.

The last thing he does is when he lays on his back he will slide his feet up the mattress and his knees will be in the air. He will then slowly lower his legs back down causing the whole bed to shake. And then repeat the whole thing over again. When I feel his legs start to go back up I just kick them back down, sometimes gently, sometimes not, depending on how late in the night it is. If he ever complains about his calves being sore I just paste on the concerned wife look and pretend to be innocent of anything that could cause his discomfort.

So my friends, for these reasons, and just the plain fact that I love sleeping....I will be taking a nap today

Monday, January 14, 2013

"Make your own" Monday

Two blog posts in the same month! Exciting isn't it?

I have decided to dedicate my Monday posts to things that I usually buy but have decided to try and make them on my own at home. Why? I don't know, why not. It saves money.

I got a ninja for Christmas. Not this kind of ninja:
Although I think my kids might listen to me a little better if I had these guys working for me. Hmmmm, I wonder....


This kind of ninja:
I have been wanting to give it a spin (get it, spin! Well I thought it was clever) and decided that today was the day. I put some almonds and a little bit of salt in it and made my own tasty almond butter.

But I couldn't stop there. After the butter I made some banana, chocolate, peanut butter ice cream. It was divine. All you do is slice about 4 bananas, then freeze them. Drop them in the Ninja and blend until creamy, add 2 tsp of cocoa powder and 2 tbsp of peanut butter and voila healthy ice cream. Does it taste exactly like Haggen Daz? Not exactly, but it is very good and will satisfy the craving and leave you with one less dimple on your thigh. That last reason alone is why you should try it. You could also leave out the chocolate and peanut butter and add some other frozen fruit to make a sorbet.

I also made lotion today using just coconut oil and shea butter. The directions I got from pinterest said to just whip them together in the mixer until light and fluffy. I am telling you this stuff looked like whipped cream when it was finished. I kept having to tell myself not to lick the spatula. Although this lotion looked and smelled divine, it is so greasy! Looks like whipped cream, smells like heaven, goes on like bacon grease. And I have two jars of it. So two out three "Make your own" projects were successful.

The best part of the day was definitely getting to use my new awesome blender. I love this blender so much I just can't let it live in that dark cold cupboard.
Sorry honey, he liked your pillow best!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

I'm back....again!

Hello again! I have decided to come back to the blogging world; however, if you have abandonment issues then you might not want to be a follower of my blog because there is not telling how long I will be doing this.

Here is a little recap of what has been going on since the last time I blogged.

The princess:

She is a big three year old now that loves to play dress up, wear lip gloss, and play with anything princess. She is a girly girl to the core and is a different Disney princess everyday, I believe today she is Rapunzel. She keeps telling me to watch out for her long hair so I don't step on it, so I get to spend the day trying not to step on imaginary hair. Oh the things we moms do.

She got press on nails for Christmas that had the Disney princesses on them. She loved them and would go around the house staring at her hands saying, "I am so beautiful," over and over. They didn't stay on very long though and now I keep finding little fingernails all over the house. Thanks grandma.

The toothless wonder:

He is 6 now and in Kindergarten. He loves school (favorite subjects are snack and recess) and is still into tornadoes, hurricanes, trains, and race cars. His most recent interest is dinosaurs. He had a dinosaur themed birthday party and I got the idea to bury little dinosaur skeletons in the sandbox so the kids could pretend to be little paleontologists. I was wondering aloud where I would find these little dinosaur skeletons and the little toothless wonder says to me, "mom, the skeletons are at the end of the cretaceous period." I am so not smart enough to be this kids mom.

He just lost his top three teeth, one of them is still MIA. We had put the tooth in his tooth fairy pillow that his grandma had made. That night after he went to sleep I went in to take the tooth out but it was already gone. The next morning I told Connor that the tooth in his pillow was missing, we both just looked at each other and  for about a second I think we both believed in the tooth fairy. But if this fairy was real she took the tooth and didn't leave any money and who wants to believe in a tooth fairy like that. He still got money, but the tooth still remains to be seen.

The hard working man:

Oh wait, wrong picture. I don't know how that keeps happening.

Here he is, the hard working man. He really is! He is very cute I must say. I love this guy. He makes my heart happy!

Oh yes, there has been one more addition to our family. We have had her since May and I really think she will be a keeper. Unlike the dogs, and the fish. Oh, I didn't tell you about the fish? After the dogs and before the cat we got some goldfish. They lasted 3 days. I knew when Connor told me all the fish were sleeping that something was not right. I didn't think fish napped and if they do its not upside down at the top of the bowl. It must have been the chlorine in our water that did them in. I didn't realize that those gross scaly fish that swim in bacteria infected ponds were so particular about their water.

This our Chloe kitty. She has been a great low maintenance addition to our family. Emphasis on the low maintenance part. Connor told me would like another sibling, I told him Chloe was his second sister and that she would be the only other sibling he would ever get. He was okay with that and now tells everyone the cat is his sister. She is the furry child of the family.

And me, I have just been keeping things running around here doing laundry, looking for lost teeth, and picking fake fingernails out of the carpet. I learned how to crochet about a year ago and have been doing that a lot lately. I really enjoy it. I just bought a little folding basket thing to to keep all my stuff organized and was so excited to use it that I almost skipped out of the store. When I got home and showed my husband he told me how his grandmother had the same thing. Excitement gone. I feel like I just aged 50 years. Oh well, call me an old lady if you want...I still love to crochet.

That's it in a nutshell. Thanks for stopping by! Hopefully I will still be here in a week.