Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Signs of growing up

We had some excitement at the house today, Connor lost his first tooth! It was so funny because he had no idea that one of his teeth had fallen out. He was eating his snack this morning and I noticed his bottom teeth looked funny so I made him open his mouth and show me his teeth. Sure enough he was missing one of the bottom front ones. I asked him if he knew his tooth was gone, and he said no. So then the next question is, where could it be. I thought he probably swallowed it which was very unsettling news for him. He just looked at me with the panicked expression asking me what was going to happen to him. I explained that he would just poop it out, but he kept grabbing his stomach like he could feel the tooth in there. He was so unhappy about the whole thing he kept asking me not to talk about it.

A couple hours later I found the missing tooth on the bathroom floor. Connor was very relieved to hear that there wasn't a tooth inside of his stomach anymore. And the kid made out with $6, so he should be happy about losing his tooth.