Monday, January 14, 2013

"Make your own" Monday

Two blog posts in the same month! Exciting isn't it?

I have decided to dedicate my Monday posts to things that I usually buy but have decided to try and make them on my own at home. Why? I don't know, why not. It saves money.

I got a ninja for Christmas. Not this kind of ninja:
Although I think my kids might listen to me a little better if I had these guys working for me. Hmmmm, I wonder....


This kind of ninja:
I have been wanting to give it a spin (get it, spin! Well I thought it was clever) and decided that today was the day. I put some almonds and a little bit of salt in it and made my own tasty almond butter.

But I couldn't stop there. After the butter I made some banana, chocolate, peanut butter ice cream. It was divine. All you do is slice about 4 bananas, then freeze them. Drop them in the Ninja and blend until creamy, add 2 tsp of cocoa powder and 2 tbsp of peanut butter and voila healthy ice cream. Does it taste exactly like Haggen Daz? Not exactly, but it is very good and will satisfy the craving and leave you with one less dimple on your thigh. That last reason alone is why you should try it. You could also leave out the chocolate and peanut butter and add some other frozen fruit to make a sorbet.

I also made lotion today using just coconut oil and shea butter. The directions I got from pinterest said to just whip them together in the mixer until light and fluffy. I am telling you this stuff looked like whipped cream when it was finished. I kept having to tell myself not to lick the spatula. Although this lotion looked and smelled divine, it is so greasy! Looks like whipped cream, smells like heaven, goes on like bacon grease. And I have two jars of it. So two out three "Make your own" projects were successful.

The best part of the day was definitely getting to use my new awesome blender. I love this blender so much I just can't let it live in that dark cold cupboard.
Sorry honey, he liked your pillow best!


  1. bahahaha, you are funny. Nice job on the homemade items!

  2. I tasted the deliciousness of the chocolate banana soft-serve... tasty!!!!!